In his talk to the National Council of Catholic Laity in 1973, Greenleaf explores the metaphor ‘Healing’.  Greenleaf writes: This is an interesting word, healing, with its meaning ‘to make whole.’  What I learned. . .is  that one never fully makes it.  It is always something to be sought.  Perhaps. . . one who enters the person-team relationship as an intervenor who seeks to make it better by his presence, might better see his own healing as his motivation.  There is something subtle communicated to one who is being served if, explicit in the compact with one who serves is the understanding that the search for wholeness is something they share.  And it is a never ending search because the concept of wholeness seems enshrouded in the mystery along with other mysteries that we will probably never fully understand. [unpublished draft, p. 4].

Gentle Reader, as I reflected upon Greeneleaf’s words a number of questions emerged into my consciousness.  Here are a few of them: Because of me – because of who I am and because of what I do — what is made ‘whole’ and what is ‘divided?’  Why do I choose ‘divided’ rather than ‘whole’?  Does my very ‘presence’ help to make others ‘better’ — How do I know?  Is it important for me to know?  What is my motivation when it comes to my serving others?

Gentle Reader, what questions emerge for you as you reflect upon Greeneaf’s words? 

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