In his 1973 talk to the National Council of Catholic Laity, Greenleaf continues as he addresses the topic of ‘listening:’ I [stress] listening because I believe that a disciplined approach to listening is one of the best approaches to a healing attitude.  And I have had enough experience with teaching people to listen to be aware of some remarkable transformations that take place in persons who learn to listen, and who establish listening as the orienting attitude that makes it possible for them to play a healing role in the building of teams.  Great as I believe the healing power of listening to be on the one who is listened to, a much greater healing takes place with one who learns, and assiduously practices, listening.

Learning to listen isn’t helped much by lectures about it.  But let me make this one observation. . .Listening isn’t just keep quiet; and it isn’t just making appropriate responses that indicate one is awake and paying attention.  Listening is a healing attitude, the attitude of intensely holding the belief – faith if you wish to call it that – that the person or persons being listened to will rise to the challenge of grappling with the issues involved in finding their own wholeness. [unpublished draft, p.8]

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