Servant as Leader

Hi, I am Richard. I was introduced to Robert K. Greenleaf’s concept of the servant as leader in March, 1975 by my mentor, Lowell Colston.  I spent the next 4+ years exploring and integrating the concept into my own life, some say into my own being.  In 1980 I felt grounded enough and began to introduce the concept to those I had the privilege of serving.  In 1990 the Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership moved to Indianapolis from the Boston area.  As a resident of Indianapolis, I learned about the Center moving here in a newspaper article.  I attended an open house hosted by the Center and within 18 months I was invited to become a consultant to the Center and to help develop and guide some learning sessions.  My role at the Center expanded during the following few years and I had the opportunity and privilege of serving folks in five other countries.  My work at the Center ended in 1999.  In 2001 I was invited to serve the emerging Greenleaf Centre for Servant-Leadership, Asia [located in Singapore].  I just completed my 11th year working with some wonderful folks there.  For the past 11 years I have also been on the faculty of the Physician Leadership College, which is part of the Opus School of Business at the University of St Thomas in Minneapolis, MN.  I am charged with designing and guiding a ‘worktreat’ focused on Servant-Leadership for the physicians who are students in the college [a worktreat is part workshop and part retreat].

I have introduced Greenleaf’s concept to thousands of people at the Personal, Relational and Organizational levels.  As I mentioned in my initial posting, I am concerned that with each passing generation there is less and less direct connection to Greenleaf and to his essays.  There are still a few of the first generation alive and contributing, there are still a number in the second generation, I am of the third generation [during the mid-late 70’s and 80’s had I been directly connected to Greenleaf and to others who knew him and who were intensely bringing his work to the world I would consider myself to be a member of the second generation; but without those connections I consider myself to be a member of the third generation].  There is now a fourth generation that is continuing to develop.


For a few years now I have been thinking about Greenleaf’s Legacy.  I believe that he has left us three major tap roots: Consciousness, Character, Conduct.  Each posting will connect to one or more of these tap roots.


If you would like to learn more about who I am and what I am currently bringing to the world or if you would just like to connect you can email me at:  

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