Finally, Gentle Reader, consider that a servant-leader is. . .

Concerned with Choice.  Here are some of the choices that the servant-leader makes:

Choosing to be awake & aware — and therefore, choosing to be disturbed [Greenleaf]

Choosing to be motivated by [is aware of what motivates him or her and chooses his or her motivation]. . .[e.g., fear, love, care, control, anxiety, certain virtues and/or certain vices, deep tacit assumptions, stereotypes, prejudices and certain guiding life-principles]

Choosing to be unconditionally response-able & choosing to be appropriately reactive — NOT choosing unconditional blame.

Choosing to ‘grow’ and to enable/support the growth of others [P.I.E.S. & Greenleaf’s ‘Best Test’] — developing one’s gifts, talents, abilities and capacities

Choosing to be fully human — that is to be living paradoxes (Greenleaf)

Choosing to act with intentionality and purpose and to accept the intended and unintended consequences

Choosing, to the best of one’s ability/capacity to use his or her power ethically — and to develop a greater capacity to do so

Choosing to be a ‘reflective-participant-observer’ in one’s own life — experience plus reflection is the learning

Choosing to ‘close the gap’ between what one espouses and what one ‘lives out’ 

In closing this five part piece I invite us to reflect upon the words of the great German Poet, Rainer Maria Rilke.  Rilke writes:  I would like finally to advise you to grow through your development quietly and seriously. . .you can interrupt it in no more violent manner than by looking outside to questions which only your inner most feelings in your most silent hour can answer.

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