Today, gentle reader, I offer you a poem that emerged into my consciousness on 15 April, 2009. I was guiding a servant-leader learning session with some folks in Singapore. It was late afternoon of the second day, we were in the midst of a twenty-minute reflection – the room was quiet. As I reflected on Greenleaf’s concept of ‘servant’ and as I took in the individuals who had decided to spend three days with us the following poem emerged. I wrote it down and I have not edited it.

–A Guide for Servants–

Be aware of who you are,
others will be
and learn.

Be aware of the words you use,
others will hear
and learn.

Be aware of what you choose to do,
others will notice
and learn.

Be aware of how others mirror you
to you
and learn.

Be aware of the questions you muse,
they determine the path you choose.

Be aware of the path you choose,
others will notice
and may follow.

Be aware that your life
will influence beyond
what you can see.

Be aware of the light you shed
and the shadow you cast,
others will be.

Be aware of the voice you bring – or refuse to bring.

Be aware of the story you live – or refuse to live.


BE aware.

©Richard W Smith Singapore, 4-15-09

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