Below you, gentle reader, will find a photo of Bob and Esther.  Of Esther, Bob said: ‘She taught me about love and friendship.’  Throughout these past many years I have been blessed with folks who have ‘taught me’ and perhaps you, too, have also been so blessed.  First, the photo of Bob and Esther and then some questions to hold, if not reflect upon today.

[My deep gratitude to Newcomb Greenleaf for this photo]

Who was a person that called forth gifts-talents-abilities that you did not know you possessed?  Mentors see in us gifts-talents-abilities that we do not know we possess.  They name them and they call them forth.  They challenge us to demonstrate the courage (from the French for ‘heart’) to become aware of them and to develop them so they can help address the needs that exist in our world.

What did he/she call forth?  How have you developed these more fully in your life?  In what ways have these made a difference in your life? 

How did this person serve your ‘highest priority needs’?  Greenleaf was clear that the servant does, indeed, serve others’ highest priority needs.

When did you thank this person?  I am now thinking of several mentors that I did not thank during their life-time.

Greenleaf wrote about ‘Life’s Choices as Markers.’  What was one choice you made in your life that has deeply affected the person you are today?  What other life-choices might you consider to be ‘markers’ in your life? 

The Chinese have a saying: ‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear.’  Are you ready for a ‘teacher’ to appear at this time in your life?  How do you know if you are ready?  How do you know if you need a teacher to appear at this time? 

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