In his 1973 talk to the National Council of Catholic Laity Greenleaf turns his focus to the question of leadership.

Part of the problem is that a stereotype has emerged.  The leader is seen as the person at the head of the parade with the flag, or the single chief atop the pyramid of a big organization.  We have mistakenly confused leadership with ego display and covert manipulation and the overt use of coercive power.

Let us re-define leadership in broader terms.  Everyone who feels himself to be responsible, who feels some obligation to help some part of society function a little better, or whose own creative urges prompt him to want to build something new. . .all of us are leaders.  It isn’t the scope of the task that makes the leader.  Leadership is what one does if one wants to wield a healing influence on society. [unpublished draft, p.9]

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