On Page 5 of his 1966 essay, The Search and The Seeker, Greenleaf writes: I did not begin to find my way to a knowledge of my own uniqueness until by chance (but there is no chance) I became aware of seekers who were on the path ahead of me, not necessarily going in my direction but men and women whom I came to accept as guides, guides who only had at heart my getting lost.  Because they were seekers some of them were lonely and welcomed my interest in them so that they could show their interest in me.  Interest became the lamp.

I have been blessed and privileged to have had, and continue to have, met and walked with other searchers and seekers; others who were walking ahead of me, others who were walking behind me and others who were on a parallel path; others who were like me and others who were un-like me.  I have not sought them out.  I have held, and continue to hold, an intention that those I need to walk with me will show up – and they have (although I believe that I have missed some for I was not awake, aware, intentional and purpose-full when they appeared). 

Gentle Reader, who walks with you?  What attitudes do you hold that invite others to walk with you?  What space do you create so that others know there is room for them on the path with you?  What do you do that helps you be awake, aware, intentional and purpose-full so that you do not miss a ‘fellow traveler’ when he/she appears? 

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