In his 1966 essay, The Search and the Seeker, Greenleaf wrote two sentences that continue to touch my heart and soul.

. . .I married a woman [Esther Hargrave Greenleaf] who taught me what love could mean and that it is, as Paul said, the greatest.  And we learned together. [The Searcher and The Seeker, p. 3 in the unpublished draft]

Gentle Reader, I offer you some questions to reflect upon: Who taught you, Gentle Reader, what love could mean?  Who do you teach about what love could mean?  Who do you learn with?  Who have you learned with?

Bob’s son, Newcomb Greenleaf, gifted me with a wonder-full photo of Esther and Bob.  I now gift you, Gentle Reader, with this photo.  Thanks, Newcomb for gifting us.

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