I love poetry and stories.  This morning Gentle Reader I have chosen three poems that resonate with me when I think of Greenleaf’s concept of the servant and servant, first leader.  Perhaps there is a poem or two or three that resonates with you when you reflect upon Greenleaf’s concept.

 The Contract

 A Word from the led

And in the end we follow them –
not because we are paid,
not because we might see some advantage,
not because of the things they have accomplished,
not even because of the dreams they dream
but simply because of who they are:
the man, the woman. . .
standing up there when the wave hits the rock,
passing out faith and confidence like life jackets,
knowing the currents, holding the doubts,
imagining the delights and terrors of every landfall. . .

We give them our trust.  We give them our effort.
What we ask in return is that they stay true.     –William Ayot


 Silence soothes
heals the fevered nerves
balms hurt feelings.

The comfort and calm
the serenity and repose
the tranquility and peace
that silence offers    
is a vitalizing tonic
the human spirit needs.      –George Kaitholil

It is I Who Must Begin

 It is I who must begin.
Once I begin, once I try –
here and now,
right where I am,
not excusing myself
by saying that things
would be easier elsewhere,
without grand speeches and
ostentatious gestures,
but all the more persistently
–to live in harmony
With the ‘voice of being’ as I
Understand it within myself
–as soon as I begin that,
I suddenly discover
to my surprise, that
I am neither the only one,
nor the first,
nor the most important one
to have set out upon that road.

Whether all is really lost
or not depends entirely on
whether or not I am lost.      –Vaclav Havel

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