Greenleaf writes:

My personal goal as a gradualist reformer is progress, however small, toward a more caring and less power-ridden society.  The two goals are linked.  Our society is not likely to become more caring until it becomes less power ridden. 

 These goals are proposed in the belief that a national society that is more caring and less power-ridden will be stronger in all assessable dimensions of strength, because the flowering of the human spirit will be favored.  And therefore that society will better hold its own in our contentious world.

 Greenleaf wrote these words in 1987.  They continue to challenge us today – perhaps they are more challenging than at any time in our 200+ year history as a Nation.  Are we a Nation addicted to power?  Are we becoming less caring? We are certainly becoming less civil.  For those of us who espouse to embrace Greenleaf’s concept of servant-first what is our challenge…what is our obligation?

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