As I was reflecting this morning on Greenleaf’s concept of servant-first a poem that emerged into my consciousness in 2009 called to me.  This morning, gentle reader, I have decided to share this poem with you.

[an incomplete reply]

A simple question I hold:
Must I serve?
It seems that
A fox Must hunt;
An eagle Must soar;
A searcher Must seek.
Must is housed in the
Who of each.

What resides in my Who?
My mind houses Should
and Ought;
My heart houses Perhaps
and Maybe;
My soul houses Hope
and Possibility.
There is no space in this home for
Will I choose to
make a room for Must;
to create a mind-space
or a heart-space or a
soul-space for Must?
Am I willing to intentionally invite
and warmly welcome Must into
my home?

Am I willing to accept
Obligation —
the clothes that cover Must?

Am I willing to sit quietly and
listen for the voice of Must
asking me to welcome her
and him into my home?

Am I fearful that Must is
lurking about outside and
that Should, Ought, Perhaps,
Maybe, Hope and Possibility
are busy guarding the door
with the bar of Distraction?    –Richard W Smith, 20 December, 2009


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