On 20 December, 2010 I wrote the following poem in response to the question I was holding: ‘Must I Serve?’   Perhaps, gentle reader, you have held the same question.  Perhaps you have responded to it already.  Perhaps you are still holding it.  Perhaps you are being called to hold this question?  Perhaps…

[an incomplete reply]

A simple question I hold:
Must I serve?
It seems that
A fox Must hunt;
An eagle Must soar;
A searcher Must seek.
Must is housed in the
Who of each.

What resides in my Who?
My mind houses Should
and Ought;
My heart houses Perhaps
and Maybe;
My soul houses Hope
and Possibility.
There is no space in this home for

Will I choose to
make a room for Must;
to create a mind-space
or a heart-space or a
soul-space for Must?

Am I willing to intentionally invite
and warmly welcome Must into
my home?

Am I willing to accept
Obligation —
the clothes that cover Must?

Am I willing to sit quietly and
listen for the voice of Must
asking me to welcome her
and him into my home?

Am I fearful that Must is
lurking about outside and
that Should, Ought, Perhaps,
Maybe, Hope and Possibility
are busy guarding the door
with the bar of Distraction?    –Richard W Smith,

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