I was introduced to Robert K. Greenleaf’s essay, The Servant as Leader, in March, 1975 by my then mentor, Lowell.  I immediately connected to and resonated with Greenleaf’s theme of servant, first and his concept of the servant as leader.  During the past 15 years or so I have encountered many people who use the term, who refer to others who use the term and who have incorporated the term into their own writing and work.  Along my way I have also encountered fewer and fewer folks who have taken the time to deeply explore Greenleaf’s essays.  I am concerned that with each passing generation (we are now in the fourth as far as I can discern) folks are becoming more and more disconnected from his writings.  So I have decided to create this blog; a blog dedicated to his legacy.  I chose his concept of the servant as leader to name this blog; its purpose is to offer, in my way, a tribute to Robert K. Greenleaf’s Legacy: Consciousness, Character, Conduct.  I plan on adding a post a day.  Greenleaf’s legacy of Consciousness, Character, Conduct will be the main focus and hopefully you, dear reader, will find some seeds, some tap roots, some flowers that you can bring in, plant, nurture to fruition in the three gardens of your life: You, your relationships, your communities.  Perhaps you will also decide to pass some of your own seeds, tap roots and flowers on to others; I hope so.  As you can see from the photo below, Robert K. Greenleaf was one who pondered, or reflected, or ‘noodled’ and as you will read in the postings that follow he offers us much to ponder, reflect upon and noodle about.

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